Hi, I'm Jessie

I recently led a team building exercise for a group of strangers and friends and nearly everyone responded to the question "what's the one item you'd take with you if you had to leave home suddenly?" by saying "a photo of family or friends." Photos are important to us. They help us hold on to moments in time of people and places and memories we love. As you take a look around my site, you'll see a variety of personalities and close-up facial expressions that authentically represent many stories of individuals, organizations, friends, and families. I believe good cinematography and photography have the ability to reframe the way we see the world by inviting us to see the beauty that exists both inside and all around.

What story do you want to capture? Send me a message and let's make it happen.

Roma M.

Really enjoyed working with Jessie! She's personable, energetic, and super easy to work with. I appreciated her creativity, flexibility, and willingness to try new things (with locations, lighting, props, and styles). She's also great at directing shoots ensuring that every detail is perfect for the shot. She definitely goes the extra mile ensuring that you're happy and satisfied with the photo session. I am sincerely thrilled to have worked with her and I look forward to working with her again!

Kassi Y.

Words can't describe! Jessie's just wonderful and walked us through the whole photo shoot and just made us feel so comfortable and not awkward which is exactly how we thought we were going to feel prior to this experience.

Justin J.

Getting my headshots taken by Jessie was a wonderful experience. Her understanding of modern standards, as well as her ability to position you in ways for more striking shots, was invaluable. On top of her skill as a photographer, she was very professional throughout the whole process. And dare I even say, fun to work with. I would, and have recommended her to all of my friends who have asked about getting headshots. Thank you Jessie

"Work is love made visible."
Kahlil Gibran